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Would You Like to Be More

Emergency Prepared and Radio Active?


MEARS Radio Activities & Radio Readiness Response Training

Are You Ready

Hone your skills, Pack a bag, Use Canned mobile radio


Winter Field Day and ARRL Summer Field Day

Improve your Radio Preparedness Response skills

and Practice your radio skills with live traffic


Mock Disaster

Save Yourself - Save Others

Survival Skills, Rescuing be Rescued, Search and Survive

Fire Suppression

Act Fast the fire trucks are Not coming

You can help save lives and protect property

Wilderness First Aid

You could Help save lives when there is

No EMT, No Ambulance and No Dr.

Disaster Assessment

Help accelerate FEMA Recovery Money for communities
by getting trained to participate in post-disaster Windshield Surveys.


Stay Radio Active

Get on the MEARS net

Provide Weather Observation Reports

Give Situational Awareness Observation Reports

Participate on Emergency Preparedness frequencies

Additional Opportunities:

  • Providing assistance and support for CERT classes offered by Millington Fire Department.

  • Participating in the annual Armed Forces Crossband Emergency Communications Test.

  • AFD May 2023.

  •  Summer ARRL Field Day operations , June 2023.

  • HAM Search activity: Locating and contacting local ham operators.

  • Offering Emergency Auxiliary Communications training to local the ham radio community.

  • “Boots on The Ground” Field exercises to determine the area of coverage and distance capabilities of the MEARS radio service.

  • Organize, train and maintain a local "Readiness Team" that would be available to assist Millington FD, in Disaster Assessment.

  • Participating in Winter Field Day operations to provide training activities for MEARS members and support staff. January 2024.

  • Check-in on MEARS Monthly Emergency Auxiliary Communications Training Radio Net using the MEARS repeater frequency.

MEARS volunteers are eligible to participate in MEARS action-packed radio activities.

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