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Millington Emergency Auxiliary Radio Service

"Skilled  Capable Credentialed  Reliable  Experienced"

The MEARS mission is humanitarian.

It is an organization dedicated to helping the

surrounding communities by having

existing Ham Radio Station Equipment and
Competent, Resourceful, Reliable, Ham Radio operators
available with “Radio Readiness”
during Communication Emergencies. 

The MEARS purpose is to
“Serve and Support” those who
help “Save Lives and Protect Property” by
providing Emergency Auxiliary Radio Communications,
in times when normal channels of communications have been interrupted
during Man-Made or Natural Disasters.

MEARS Core Members and Primary Station Operators consist of a select group of,
FCC licensed, ICS certified, DOD trained, civilian and military amateur radio operators.
They are specifically trained to use civilian amateur radio and encrypted military DOD emergency communications modes along with emergency radio communications procedures and protocols.
These dedicated volunteer radio operators are willing and capable of providing reliable
Emergency Auxiliary Radio Communications support, to the area of assignment,
when activated by the Millington FD, under emergency and/or contingency conditions.

MEARS Ham Radio Operators maintain Radio Readiness by voluntarily performing regularly scheduled emergency radio communications exercises and equipment testing and maintenance checks of emergency communication equipment.

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